Sharing a deeper understanding of Latin American arts and cultures.


What is VLACC?

Contribute to the education and cultural legacy of all Canadians by exploring and sharing a deeper understanding of Latin American arts and cultures.

VLACC is the Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre, a non-profit organization established in 2012 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, that celebrates cultural diversity by sharing Latin American culture with all! We offer the opportunity to learn more about Latin American arts and culture, make new friends, contribute to your community, and have a wonderful time doing it!

Most of our programs are presented in English, and admission is often free. Our activities encompass concerts, visual art, author readings and discussions, youth activities, choral singing and more. Our dream of a Latin American Cultural Centre in Vancouver gets closer every day! We are working on building a physical hub for Latin American artists and audiences, to celebrate the increasing importance of the Latin American community in Canada.

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We are open and approachable. We celebrate diversity and thrive at the intersection of cultural traditions.


We partner with arts organizations and independent artists, building relationships with living expertise.


We nurture different thinking, value new ideas, and explore a broad range of artistic expressions.


We are a centre for cultural research and practice, working to better serve our many communities.


Since 2012, VLACC has been systematically implementing progressive phases of planning towards the goal of creating a Latin American cultural centre a new physical creative hub centre for the work of Latin American artists and organizations, which recognizes the rapidly expanding cultural significance of the Latin American community in Canada.

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