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VLACC offers a variety of arts and culture workshops and events. Accessibility is important to us: most of our programs are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis. If you don’t have a credit card or can’t pay for a program contact us to get a free ticket. Direct your request, questions or concerns to our Operations Coordinator, Danais Yera.

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Art Talk: “Muralism”, “Indigenism”, and Social Realism: Pride and Prejudice


This month's Art Talk will focus on the outcomes and legacy of the muralismo and indigenismo movements that emerged in Mexico after the Revolución Zapatista. How influential were these movements for the rest of Latin America? What were the pros and cons of this revolutionary attitude for artists, critics, and the general public? Join us […]

Tertulia: “Que significa ser Afrolatin@? What does it mean to be Afrolatinx?”


This Tertulia will touch on the complexities of the Afro-Latin identity, its many facets, challenges, and the importance of recognizing the African influence in Latin culture. How does the inclusion of Blackness look like in Latin America? How does that change in diaspora communities in Canada and why is it important to be having these […]

What is the role of an artist? | A conversation with Manuel Piña

Manuel Piña’s work invites us to rethink what art is, how it is diffused and what the role of an artist is. The questions that result from experiencing his work start from the way we communicate about his work. “Resisting cultural assimilation has become central to my practice and resulted in a very free (yet […]