How the immigrant experience has shaped Latin American artists working in Canada

Follow this video series about art, migration, identity, and transformation. Five master artists relate the highs and lows of integrating to Canadian life, while retaining their Latin American identities. Each free online premiere relates a relocation journey of a major Latin American artist, and how the transition from home country to Canada informed their visions and accomplishments.

How are their two homes different? What transformations and challenges are unique to the Canadian experience, and the experiences of artists? In what ways do they feel themselves to be different—from the way they were before, from their peers in their native country, and from other Canadian artists? Re:Location brings the works and thoughts of Latin American cultural workers in Canada to a wider audience, creates a sense of pride and belonging to new generations of Latin Americans in Canada, and gives Canadians at large a broader view of their own ever-evolving society.

New videos released every month, January through May, 2023.

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RElocation_JOSEMA_400 x 200 (2)

Episode 1 – Josema Zamorano

RElocation_C_RODRIGUEZ_400 x 200

Episode 2 – Carmen Rodriguez

RElocation_SAL FERRERAS_1536 x 641

Episode 3 – Sal Ferreras

RElocation_CarmemAguirre__1536 x 641

Episode 4 – Carmen Aguirre

RElocation_Rosario Ancer_400 x 200

Episode 5 – Rosario Ancer

Re:Location is a project funded by:
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