We work with a diverse team of dedicated volunteers who help us fulfill our mission. Here are some of the benefits of volunteering with us:

  • Contribute to the legacy of all Canadians by exploring a deeper understanding of Latin American Arts and Cultures.
  • Network with extraordinary artists and experienced administrators in a wide variety of artistic disciplines.
  • Enjoy new friends and social experiences in a fun, relaxed environment.
  • Develop your collaborative skills in a professional context

Available volunteer opportunities will be posted below. If we are not currently offering volunteer positions, you can still send us your résumé to volunteer@vlacc.ca and we will keep you in mind for new opportunities.


What our volunteers are saying

I think everything in my experience with VLACC has been great. I started as an event volunteer. Since then I saw the organization grow because of people of so many different nationalities working harder and harder to share their culture in Canada. I am now a proud board member

Allissa Martins

I’m brand-new to VLACC’s team. I’m excited with the perspective of learning about nonprofit organizations' management. But the best part is the possibility of staying connected to the Latin American cultures that I love so much.

Alessandra Vinhas

I enjoy helping the community, especially when I know that I’m making a difference. Volunteering with VLACC has also given me the opportunity to be in contact with amazing people!

Adriana Martins Pereira

Having the opportunity to work with other Latin Americans to support our culture in Canada is amazing. I’m also enjoying being able to develop a cohesive visual identity for VLACC and being part of a team that really works together.

Claudia Fleury

I’ve met so many people from different parts of the world while volunteering for VLACC. We were able to exchange our cultures and life experiences, enriching to the maximum the short time we spend together during the events.

Mauricio Zani

I’ve met amazing people that became my great friends through VLACC! Plus somehow I get to hear lots of live Mariachi bands while volunteering with the organization.

Daniela Franken

Volunteering with VLACC gives me the opportunity to meet people with similar interests, who value Latin Culture, love to promote cultural events, support artists, and make sure our culture stays alive in Vancouver. Meeting people with that kind of sensibility and energy makes every effort worth it.

Angela Mejia

All the staff and volunteers at VLACC are so friendly and fun! It's always a great time working with them. I also appreciate the networking opportunities and the chance to get involved with the Latin American community.

Helena Fonseca de Oliveira