Episode 1 – Josema Zamorano

The work of Nayarit-Mexico native Josema Zamorano often critiques the languages used by modernity to construct reality: the camera, the method, the image, and the concrete. In experimental and sometimes performative or interactive ways, he explores how the movement of eyes, body, and comprehension, in a changing world, transform and connect appearances and meanings. His journey to Canada has helped advance his interest in how we understand and interpret the world through science and technology, poetry, philosophy and visual arts.

He did graduate studies at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), University of Surrey (UK), holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies (University of British Columbia) and has taught for over twenty years a variety of topics, from electrical-circuits design and philosophy of technology to critical inquiry, art-based research, and Spanish.

His artwork has been included in several group and individual exhibitions in Mexico, Canada, Germany, and Spain.. He is the author of the book “Nahui Ollin or the Physics of Desire: a Philosophiae Naturalis” (2022).

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