Episode 2 – Carmen Rodriguez

Author of two novels, a bilingual volume of poetry, and a collection of short stories, Chilean-Canadian writer Carmen Rodríguez found in words the way to express her ideas about exile, migration, and resistance.

Her work as a journalist and educator, first in Chile and then in Canada, and the fact that she was forced to leave her home country after the 1973 military coup, deeply affected her creative output.

Her journey to Canada began in 1974. Since then, she has been reinventing herself, going from being an educator, an activist, a reporter and a writer-in-residence to a mother of two finding her way in Vancouver. Her many roles led her to tell stories about women, Latin Americans, immigrants and marginalized communities, first in Spanish and later also in English. Carmen recently became VLACC’s Honorary Elder and is one of the most notable Latin American writers in Canada.

Follow the story of this woman of acute words and generous deeds. Her ideas can be found in ‘Guerra Prolongada / Protracted War’ (Women’s Press, 1992), a bilingual volume of poetry; ‘A body to remember with / De Cuerpo Entero’ (Arsenal Pulp Press / Editorial Los Andes, 1997), a collection of short stories; and her novels ‘Retribution’ (Women’s Press Literary, 2011), and ‘Atacama’ (Roseway publishing, 2021).


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