Episode 5 – Rosario Ancer

Mexican Flamenco dancer, dance coach, artistic director and bailadora, Rosario Ancer found herself a home in Vancouver, where she grew her family, a dance academy, and a well-known international Flamenco Festival creating a lasting flamenco legacy.

Starting in Mexico, going to Spain and landing in Canada, Rosario’s journey began following a call, a need to master flamenco dance. Her passion took her through different places in Spain, where she better understood this dance form and found her beloved: a Canadian musician passionate about flamenco.

After starting a family, they teamed up to grow the flamenco movement in Vancouver and changed the perception of it from a foreign expression to an artwork that anyone can relate to, appreciate or dance.

Watch the fifth and last documentary premiere of Season 1 of Re:Location and get to know Rosario Ancer’s immigration journey to Canada.

Read her blog here.

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