Brazilian Summer Night with Alberto Salgado, Celso Machado, Amphibioux and Sara Magal

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Brazilian Summer Night with Alberto Salgado, Celso Machado, Amphibioux and Sara Magal

July 6 @ 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Get ready for a night to remember with the Brazilian Summer Night show, presented by VLACC, on Saturday, July 6, at 8:00 pm at The Cultch Historic Theatre. This dazzling display of the best in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) and multi-cultural fusion will take you on a memorable journey through the heart and soul of Brazilian culture!

The evening begins with top local talents, as Celso Machado sets the stage with his virtuosic guitar, showcasing his world-travelled melodies. As the excitement builds, Amphibioux infuses the air with dynamic rhythms and a fresh take on Brazilian classics, followed by the magnetic Sara Magal. Sara wins hearts with her strong vocals and eclectic mix of musical styles, setting the stage for an electrifying finale. Flying in exclusively from Brazil, Alberto Salgado and his band will close the night with a colourful array of lively rhythms and heartfelt tunes featuring everything from hypnotic samba beats to the deep vibes of African and Latin American harmonies.

Together, these artists create more than a concert—they craft an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Brazilian Summer Night is not just a performance; it’s a celebration of culture, a feast of sounds, and a declaration of the enduring spirit of Brazilian music.

Date: Saturday, July 6, 2024
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: The Cultch Historic Theatre, 1895 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6

Tickets: Early Bird tickets are available for $30 until June 22.


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About the musicians:

Celso Machado

Celso Machado is a Brazilian-born world-music virtuoso who has mastered the guitar, many kinds of percussion, and other instruments. He now makes Gibsons, BC, his home, but his music has repeatedly taken him across Brazil, Western Europe, the United States, and Canada over the past four decades. Celso has performed alongside guitar legends like Yamandu Costa and opened for jazz icons like João Bosco, Gilberto Gil, and Bebel Gilberto, and has crafted a unique sound that bridges diverse world rhythms—from the Samba, Baião, and Afoxé of Brazil to the Maqsoum of Egypt. His vibrant and eclectic performances celebrate the rich tapestry of global music traditions and contribute uniquely to disseminating Brazilian music.



Amphibioux came together through synchronicity and hope. Seeking out connection and healing, the Amphibians were brought to mellifluous wetlands, fertile with harmony and rhythm. Their performance is nothing short of a musical kaleidoscope, where samba, bossa nova, forró and baião morph to create an unforgettable and emotional soundscape. By rooting down we hope to honor the musical legends past while decorating time with the spirit of now.


Sara Magal

Sara Magal is a dynamic Brazilian singer and songwriter based in Vancouver since 2016. Originally from Brasília, she released her first album, “Cavalo Preto” in 2014, winning Best Vocal Performer at the Rádio Nacional FM Festival the same year. Her music is a vibrant fusion of samba, bossa nova, forró, jazz, and other styles. She’s known for her knack for reimagining traditional tunes with innovative arrangements, always adding a Brazilian twist that makes each piece uniquely her own. Whether performing live or recording new tracks, Sara brings a fresh, exciting energy to the music scene, making each song distinctly personal and captivating.


Alberto Salgado

Alberto Salgado is a celebrated figure in the Brazilian music scene, with 25 years of prolific career highlights, including winning the prestigious 28th Brazilian Music Award for his album “Cabaça d’Água” in the Best Regional Album category in 2017. As a versatile singer, producer, and composer, Alberto is renowned for his innovative approach to music, melding traditional Brazilian sounds with Latin American and African rhythms. His discography features collaborations with renowned artists such as Arnaldo Antunes, Chico César, and Arthur Maia. This year marks a new milestone as he prepares to release his third album and first DVD, “Tutorial de Ebó,” which will showcase an array of Brazilian music styles, from samba to ijexá.


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