Racism(s): Latin America & Identity is a programming partnership between the Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre and the Vancouver Public Library. Our intent is to explore the diversity of identities that form the Latin American experience, and help the public understand how Latin American immigrants in Canada experience racism and develop their sense of belonging. Click here to learn more about the speakers.
This event counts on the support of the Government of British Columbia and Canadian Heritage.

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Thursday, May 13 | 12 – 1 pm

What’s in a Label: the meaning of Latin American in Canada 

From Mexicans in the desert of Sonora, to Brazilians in the Amazon, and Chileans in the southernmost tip of Patagonia, there is an immense variety of cultures and identities that comprise Latin America. But who exactly gets to call themselves ‘Latin American’? And how do labels like Hispanic, Latin, POC affect our sense of belonging, especially when living in Canada? Come to a conversation on the ways Latin Americans are classified in Canada (and other countries), and whether this can lead to racism or help in the fight against it. 
With Silvio Albuquerque, member of U.N.’s Committee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and Kasari Govender, BC’s Human Rights Commissioner.

Friday, May 14 | 12 – 1 pm

Diaspora stories: How Circulation Defines Latin America

Migration, whether forced or voluntary, has shaped Latin American societies and their sense of identity. But how have these movements of people and goods contributed to distinct ideas of “latin americanness”. Come to a conversation between Carmen Aguirre, award-winning Chilean-Canadian author, actor, playwright, and Nuno Porto, curator at the Museum of Anthropology. Carmen will talk about her own experience of displacement, while Nuno will use objects from the museum’s collection to explore the shared experience of diaspora across cultures and regions of Latin America.

Wednesday, May 19 | 7 – 8 pm

How Latinx Youth Construct Their Identities: A Conversation

Let’s break the narrative that Latin American university students in Canada are a small minority whose perspectives and experiences can be lumped together.  Join a group of Latinx students for an interactive Zoom meeting, where we will discuss the diversity of experiences and backgrounds Latin American students in Canadian post-secondary institutions can have. With Coral Santana in conversation with Hidemi Mitani Shen and Danilo Angulo-Molina.

Thursday, May 20 |12 -1 pm

Identity, Belonging, and Cultural Assimilation in Visual Art

Join the conversation between Alejandro Arauz, an influential Latin American artist, and Miret Rodríguez, an art historian and curator. They will discuss how visual art can address topics around cultural assimilation and hybrid identities. Miret will lead a conversation on belonging and assimilation of multiple cultural identities. The audience will be able to ask questions, share their stories, and discuss how visual arts can be a force for change, both individually and in the community space.

Friday, May 21 | 12 -1 pm

Songs of Resistance: Latin American Roots in Contemporary Canada

Can music be built on ancient traditions and still feel up-to-date? Beny Esguerra explores the beats and folk instruments of his Colombian cultural roots, combining them with socially conscious lyrics plus hip-hop and dub beats in an infectious mixture. For this event, Beny will perform his original songs and talk about how Latin American artists are infusing new music with sounds from the past. Beny’s trajectory in Canada shows that music can be a tool for social awareness as well as a repository for a culture of resistance.

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